Types of mattresses:

The mattresses are also divided according to the material and technology with which they were made. Which mattress to choose? Let’s see what the most common types are and to whom they are suitable.

The spring mattress:

Spring mattresses are very common, among the most purchased in Italy. These are in fact able to support the weight of the consumer well, thanks to the helical-type springs. This model is particularly durable and wears resistant.

In addition to the springs, inside these mattresses, you can find other materials such as “memory foam” or latex, which can make the model even more comfortable.

Spring mattresses are great support for those who suffer from overweight and obesity. Particularly rigid models are indicated for those suffering from low back pain or joint problems.

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The memory foam mattress:

This model is very popular among users and is composed of several layers of foam material (polyurethane), which can adapt well to the consumer’s body.

Thanks to the foam, these models support the body by adapting to the natural curvatures of the back, head, and legs, without forcing the body into unnatural positions. The “memory foam” also has the peculiarity of cushioning the movements, and therefore allow both partners to sleep in peace without disturbing one another.

This mattress is particularly suitable for those suffering from muscle pain.

The latex mattress:

Latex mattresses are produced from different layers of rubber (synthetic or natural) and have the advantage of supporting the body in a stable manner and giving great comfort.

Although in many respects latex is similar to memory foam, it does not follow the shape of the body, but rather resists it, offering better support.

For this reason, it is particularly suitable for users looking for a firm mattress, and for all those suffering from back pain.

The inflatable mattress:

There are mattresses with an inner tube and covered with multiple layers of foam in the upper part, which offer the same support as a spring mattress.

These models are particularly suitable for people with motor problems and for those who have had serious injuries and therefore spend a lot of time in bed.

These have the peculiarity of being adjustable, and therefore the pressure can be changed to suit your needs. For example, if the two partners who share the double bed have different tastes based on the rigidity of the mattress, they can choose the air model and adjust the pressure of each side according to their tastes.