Mattress for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease:

The diagnosis is almost always a lightning bolt from the blue, and its effect on daily life is immediate. In addition to the muscular tension typical of the pathology, fatigue significantly compromises everyday life. Many habitual actions become difficult.

How the mattress of Parkinson’s should be?

We have said that the disease can be described in five stages depending on the severity. If the first phase does not require special aids in the last certainly the patient needs breathable and hypoallergenic anti-decubitus mattresses foamed with open cell water to avoid pressure sores.

The sleep disorder, however, is a symptom present in the disease, which is why the mattress is always an important element always to promote a more relaxed healthy rest.

On the market there are mattresses specifically designed for those suffering from this disorder, mattresses designed to give sensations of stability and safety, mattresses with suspension flaps to stimulate the movement of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

However, it is essential that the mattress is comfortable, which facilitates changes of position considering that the Parkison patient makes sudden and violent movements during sleep. Personal tastes in this sense are fundamental, of course, in the choice, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is better to opt for mattresses that facilitate sudden changes of movement. Figuring out should I buy from an online mattress company then you must visit the best mattress blog.

What the bedroom of Parkinson’s should be like?

How important the appearance, the structure, the bedroom furniture is now known. The environment where we sleep must welcome us and accompany us in the phase of sleep, a fundamental phase for our well-being even more so when it comes to people who suffer from some disorder. Like Parkinson’s disease which, even more than others, necessitates an environment with certain characteristics.

The ideal room for the Parkinson’s patient should have a neat, peaceful, well-ordered and well-organized appearance. It must obviously be clean, the temperature must be comfortable. It must be well ventilated and well lit to avoid the risk of falls. It should have a bathroom nearby, and unnecessary objects should be absent especially on floors.

The bed should have the right height to allow the patient to get up and sit comfortably. It is better to have a bed about the height of the knees.