Lying feeling and mattress type: Hardness with cold foam mattresses

For your own well-being, it is also crucial from which material the mattress is.

High-quality cold foam mattresses are still perceived as pleasantly soft in grade 3. In addition, various lying zones with inserts, incisions or body-adapted cut-outs offer more comfort. In addition, information on the density of space is helpful in a purchase decision. A volume weight (RG) from 40 kilograms per cubic meter stands for a good cold foam mattress. The best room density, which will satisfy even demanding customers, is around 60 kilograms per cubic meter. Do not miss to visit our website and read about Where can I find a good mattress for stomach sleepersĀ 


The degree of hardness in latex mattresses

Latex and natural latex mattresses have a high volume of weight. They, therefore, feel harder than cold foam mattresses. However, this feeling is subjective. Latex mattresses have high point elasticity. The higher density of 70 to 90 kilograms per cubic meter makes latex mattresses very durable, without losing the ability of individual body adaptation. Of course, how well this works depends on the material layers with which latex was combined for a mattress. Coconut and rubber give a rather hard feeling. Horsehair is elastic and adapts to the body.

The degree of hardness of visco mattress

For Visco mattresses, attention should be paid to the supporting core. Only with a sufficient volume weight of at least 40 or 50 kilograms per cubic meter can he relieve the spine from the shoulder to the lumbar vertebrae evenly. Therefore, the volume weight should give the rash to buy here. Equally important is that combined visco mattress with spring core or cold foam next to a high-quality visco layer has a good quality core.

The degree of hardness in innerspring mattresses

Of the number of turns and the wire thickness of the springs, the lying quality depends on spring mattresses. Mattresses in the cheap price segment are partly processed as Bonell spring mattresses, in which the springs are interconnected. An individual adaptation to the sleeping position is less given in such mattresses due to the surface elasticity. Pocket spring mattresses and barrel pocket spring mattresses offer more comfort. Smaller springs in combination with a larger number give more point elasticity for ergonomic support and healthy sleep.